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taking care of last-minute preparations. "news 4's" jane watrel joining us now with more on this story. jane, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, eun. roy an exciting place this is this morning. people are beautifying this school and hundreds of others around the city and joining me now is chancellor michelle rhee. this has to be kind of a fun thing as chancellor to go around and see all this. >> it is. it's very fun. every weekend before the beginning of school we have beautification day. so this is the third one since i've been in office. and it's really exciting. because i think it just gets everybody really pumped up. we invite the community in so that everybody in the neighborhood, whether they have children or not knows that monday is the first day of school. and as you can see from the folks here at tubman, we have a lot of people volunteering. >> reporter: yeah. i'm told up to 100. now, what does this do for the morale of the students to see the flowers and have the clean schools? is that all part of it? >> oh, absolutely. when i talk to kids about coming to school,
will start to climb with the southerly winds, at the moment on digital doppler all is quiet, most of us staying dry. we have clouds sitting on top of us, so a mix of sun and clouds for this afternoon, but nonetheless, quite warm with temperatures in the upper 80s to around 90. by the time we get to monday, temperatures near 100 degrees, very h stuff. it's about time, it is summer. eun, back to you for the news. >>> thank you, steve. history is happening today, first hispanic supreme court justice will be sworn in. sonia sotomayor will take the oath twice, in a private ceremony with only her family and then a public ceremony. she will take her seat on the high court in september, when the justices convene for a special meeting. >>> the family ofunice kennedy shriver is gathered at her hospital this morning. the 88-year-old sister of president john f. kennedy has been hospitalized for about a week. california governor, arnold schwarzenegger, who is married to shriver's daughter, maria, is also said to be by her side. she's said to be in critical condition at a massachusetts hospital. shri
megan mcgrath is joining us live from capitol hill with reaction. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, eun. the death of senator edward kennedy having a huge impact here on capitol hill. only two other u.s. senators have served longer than kennedy. he was a man with tremendous influence. he was also very well liked and respected by his colleagues, all of his colleagues, although he was known as the liberal lion of the senate, senator kennedy had no problem reaching across the aisle. he worked with conservatives, moderates and liberals alike. we are getting reaction this morning regarding his death. senate majority leader harry reid says, quote, it was the thrill of my work with ted kennedy. he was a friend, the model of publ servin a amendncari a icon. as we mourn his loss, with rededicate himself to theau cses to which cifut dlyul dutifully feiflis . senate kennedy stands wlihit th most patriotic men and wichl women t erve ser in these lls. s nancyi posil says he had a grand orvi fs america and an inparalleled work for change. he had deep concern for the least among us. no on
. the money will be used to improve infrastruck fur for trains to travel up to 95 miles per hour along o interstaid 95. it would run between peetdersburg and the district. >>> a memorable night for paul mccartney. it caused some to miss the show. there weren't any accidents or problems. it was just the sheer volume of traffic that caused the backup. it was comparable to that of a redskins home game. one limo driver expressed his frustration. >> a true night mair. people were driving me crazy to get here. go around, go up the shoulder, go up the other shoulder, do this, do that. >> well rs we were told the concert was great and mccartney even add addpecial song to the was a song that micheld the president would want to sing for someone in his e. wusho us >>> for some students in our tho e,uswo schools in arilendxaae, run on a modifiedenal cdaada whh puts kids back inhen t classroot nd early bright a tomorrow morning e students a inla css nine week and then have a break for about three weeks. >>> a frightening fall for a philadelphia teenager as he drove his father's kaur off the
morning, everyone. welcome. we are very happy you are with us today. i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm keith garvin in for joe krebs. here's a live look outside washington, d.c. >> it looks beautiful out there. we'll talk to tom to see if we'll have post card weather for july. >> we have a chance for afternoon thundershowers and it is humid this morning. e h aad e aofad sh inngn oup showing radar. no precipitation around the region. 74 in washington. the eastern shore themi 7 d-0. ts he mountains.umid, but you ,id but you can he tud c the clouds on the incr with thelo blips of i southern sthern west virgini waou snerit west virgini er thundowowers. no thundheow e showers could be movin o tr bmeeaartoy metro area by early rnteafoon. then maybe some passing thundershowers by tintotehis e. evs g.ouin about a 60% chance. otheisose,60 m ay m cloudy day with highsea rching the upper 80s. the sunrise would be at 6:13 and the sunset at 8:15. we could have continuing pasng showers through the evening. then by this time tomorrow morning, perhaps lingering showers south and east of washington as we
with a full hour of news. stay with us. >>> tropical trouble. the first named storm to make landfall in the united states and the threat doesn't stop there. the one-two punch brewing in the atlantic ocean in this so far quiet hurricane season begins to heat up. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "news 4 today." i'm barbara harrison. >> good morning to you. i'm joe krebs on this monday, the 7th day of august 2009. nice picture out there. the washington skyline all lit up as we begin another workweek. >> and we're going to talk to meteorologist tom kierein now in the studio about this workweek, begiing today what can we expect from the weather? >> a hot day. great day for the beaches and pools. you'll want to stay cool. by this afternoon we'll be soaring into the-9 m-90s. right now, no precipitation m as we look wase look radar we are ofoo aadf rar we are ef af rtof -freraree start.ino. wagtinup. upper 60s in montgomery, fairfa pnth serou mnanareaylar the bay. on the eastern shore. these are the current dewpots. iney are comfortableth ts. they are comfortable in the low mi and ts
they have lost a champion. kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. >> stay with us, everyone. "news 4 today" continues now at 5:00. >>> salute to the senator. the long and remarkable carr of edward kennedy. this morning a public memorial planned in honor of the powerful patriarch of america's most well-known political family. how family members, friends, colleagues and supporters will pay tribute to his life. >>> well, good morning and welcome to "news 4 tod." i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm eun yang in for barbara harrison. today thursday, august 27th, 2009. we're going to take a live look outside at 5:00 this morning. 75 degrees it looks like. the capitol dome lit up today in the dark sky but we know that the sun will be coming up eventually. we want to know what the forecast will be like, tom. >> sunrise in about an hour and a haar ,ound 6:30. tof'rof a ar do have a few clouds we dhave a few clouds tr o ou h rtnonoo our noh ra dar. radar. temperatures, 75 iwashingt. a littlend nort h,es andtnorth, morning. slo morning. low 70s in southern maryland, near the bay. dese are the current that
foundation orange namely helped us to get started by granting with grant money for the foundation. >> reporter: archbishop of washington spoke to the shriver family in massachusetts. w jack jackie bensen, "news 4." >>> the ruling against john allen mao hand was unanimous. laerses argd h he shouldn't have beenwy alledow to represen himself. they also argued prosecutor withheld key documents from the defense. friday's ruling leaves few tirops foed apal.s he's currently on death row for the murder on his part in d deaths of ten people in 2002. >>> there's a new concern for swine flu as parents and student get ready to return to school. the guidelines come as maryland announces another person has diedm fthroe s. fruviru cetadeil nr haces r >> eporter: a fifth person in maryland, a prince georges's county resident has died from swine flu. health officials say it's a reminder that the disease is still spreading. the death comes as the centers for disease control released new guidelines on how the school district should happen cases when their doors open in several weeks. >> two flu sea
. news4 at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >>> manual labor. metro maintains computers will no longer be yutz used until whatever caused june's crash is corrected. this will cause problems for you commute. >>> the owner of a d.c.s resteraunt gunned down on the job. >>> preparation anxiety. what the federal government has planned to help businesses in the event of an outbreak of the flu. >>> good morning. welcome back to "news4 today." i'm joe krebs. >> i'm barbara harrison. it is wednesday, august 19, 2009. we'll take a look outside. you can't tell right now if there are clouds above us. we had rain and thunder last night. it might have awakened some of you. tom is here to tell us if we'll get more rain today. >>yes, it does look like it. let's take a look at the tropics. here's the latest on hurricane es lt>>heat l testupdate. it is a monster hurricane. bill has increased in strength overnight. look at that. the winds are at 132. that's sustained with gusts over 160 miles an hour. this is a monster hurricane. thankfully, the latest track continues to tack it north of the islands, but they are goi
companies can often sell your information to other marketers. >> stay with us now. "news 4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. >>> election day. afghans head to the pls for highly protested presidential elections, but could intimidation and violence by the taliban affect voter turnout? >> highway headaches. crews have been working overnight on a major commuter route in maryland. how that construction is causing some major problems for drivers during this rush hour. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "news 4 today." i'm barbara harrison. >> good morning to you. i'm joe krebs on this thursday. it is the 20th day of august, 2009. >> meteorologist tom kierein right here next to me ready to tell you what you can expect from this day and a look ahead to the -- getting close to the weekend. we can talk about that a little bit. >> hami r.dihue n tythai ityn the air. you walk fre'ssu .e, that's for sure got cloud coverw otitudloh cov wh us. pit 'sroduci a few showe f ut thwso w oesfar f southwest of washington, just to the west offr edericksburg, southern culpepper county, down to near charl
, but could see an isolated storm. you can see rain showers right now. for us, mostly sunny. temperatures in the mid-90s. it will be a hot one. tomorrow hotter. me call it oppressive. tuesday, we will continue to see the heat, of course. back to you. >> thank you. >>> now to the latest on the mid-air collision over the hudson river. police are back in the water searching for remains. nine people were killed in the crash in the sightseeing helicopter and small plane. that accident happened on a clear, summer day. michelle francis has the latest. >> reporter: drivers searched for the remaining victims until nightfall. in all, nine people died when a sightseeing helicopter and single engine aircraft collided midair at midday. and the ntsb on site and in charge of the investigation. so far they have only located the helicopter wreckage. the victims, a pilot and five italian tourists onboard the tourist helicopter, and on the plane, the pilot and two passengers, including a child. soon after the crash, officials say it was clear nobody could have survived. >> this has changed from a rescue to
the bull. that's all we get, is bull. you can't tell us how you're going it pay for this. >> you are absolutely right. that i can't cover another 46 million people for free. >> the president went on tell the man he will not raise taxes on families making $250,000 or less, and admitted the wealthy will have to pay more. some protestors did come out, they were kept about half a mile away. he often had to shout to be heard above the crowd. but the senator tells the "washington post" he has not been discouraged. in fact, he says the opposite has happened. he's more determined now than ever to get health care bill passed. carton has answered number rouse questions on the cost to perform. he said he will not vote for a bill that increases the deficit. >>> alexandria's former police chief is spending the weekend in ja. david baker pleaded guilty yesterday to drunken driving. he was arrested last month, after a car accident in arlington. police say his blood alcohol level was more than twice the level limit. baker will spend five days behind bars in arlington county. he faces a $300 fine
that they wish for us to do additional work, they will communicate that to us. and to the public at the same time. >> reporter: metro says it will keep riders updated on the redline repair work through its bsite. jackie bensen, news 4 today. >> this weekend metro riders can expect some delays not because of the ongoing investigation but because of track work. metro is making repairs to the tunnel and replacing rail stabilizers. they're sharing one track between friendship center. they're also doing bridgework. there's also going to be a rail replacement that will affect travel on the green and yellow lines. metro's urging riders to expect to add another 30 minutes to their trips this weekend. >>> attorneys for the man charmed with killing chandra levy say they have evidence that her suspects maye hav committed the murder. they say tyhe have ten other possible suspects. they also pointed to dna evidence from levy's clothing, which did not match guandique. he was already in prison when he was charged with levy's killing. prosecutors plan to present evidence of other sex crimes guanque committed. a
. for us, nice start to your sunday afternoon. we will have the chance for storms around later on this afternoon. one or two of them might reach severe limits but they are not going to be the tremendous rain-producers or the slow-movers of yesterday so we don't need to worry about that. today, morning sunshine. mix of clouds and sun this afternoon. highs today mid to upper 80s. and, kid companies, back to school tomorrow. yes, indeed. a chance of sprinkles first thing tomorrow morning. certainly not going to be a washout at the bus stops. then tuesday and wednesday, sunshine, outdoor recess days, tuesday, wednesday and thursday as well. another chance of rain friday, saturday. all right. summer's almost over. can't believe it. kids going back to school. >> it will be good at the pools starting monday. >> more space. yeah. >> that's right. a lot more space at the pools. >> thank you, sir. >>> last night the redskins gave out team towels to the fans who showed up. pretty appropriate considering how wet it was at fedex field but the fans who did sit in the rain got to see the skin
and it will be for this upcoming year. now back to you in the studio. >> very interesting use of technology. thank you, derrick. >>> president obama is on vacation, but still getting work done. he'll hold a town hall meeting in colorado to discuss health care. he did not experience the same animosity that many of the senators faced. mr. barack obama told the audience what they've seen on tv does not tell the whole story. most who attended seemed to support the president's plan, but not everyone. one man even turned the president's own joke about bull in washington on him. >> and we keep getting the bull. that's all we get is bull. you can't tell us how you're going to pay for this. >> you are absolutely right that i can't cover another 46 million people for free. >> the president went on to tell the man he will not raise taxes on families make 2g $50,000 or less and admitted the wealthy will have to pay more. some protesters did come out. they were kept about a half mile away from the town hall meeting. senator ben cardin's town hall meets have been roundier than the president's. he tells the crowd and "news 4
by viruses and hackers. at the same time, many at the highest ranks are finding twitter to be a useful tool on the ground. >> the military's got a very love-hate relationship with social media right now. you've got the top military officer in the country, admiral mike mullen, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, he's got thousands of followers on twitter, and he's tweeting almost every day. >> the air force also recently trangd twitter messages along with other social sites to gauge the public backlash this spring following the air force one photo shoot flyover in manhattan. how it's used is still up for debate. michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. >> the defense department has created its own cyber command. it's reviewing the twitter policy for all four branches of the military. >> stay with us, everyone. "news 4 today" continues now at 5:00 a.m. >>> shots fired. an outbreak of gunfire in the district and a young girl rushed to the hospital. how police say a 13-year-old was shot inside her own home. >> bump in the road. a construction project amgd at easing traffic congestion. why lawma
, but his mother says that's not true. no charges have been filed. >> stay with us now. "news 4 today" continues right now at 5:00. no >>> a man convicted of targeting elder women who he tied up and burglarized their homes will be sentenced today. >> fighting tosurvive. a dog has endured more surgery as it battles to survive. there are doubts those who are responsible for its condition will ever be found. >> a judge accused. new information about a judge accused of deflating someone's tire because of where the car was parked. >> well, good morning and welcome to "news 4 today." i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm barbara harrison. it's the 13th day of august 2009. let's take a look outside, see what kind of day we have in the making. still dark out there, but we are expecting the sun to rise. it should be there, if we can see it, what, in about a couple hours, tom? >> hour and 20 minutes sunrise. >> tom is here now to tell us what's behind that darkness. >> actually, it's cleared out a little bit so beginning to see a little predawn glow there. sunrise about an hour and 20 minutes ay. mthis no
probably won't help them refund the taxpayer bailout. >> stay with us. "news 4 today" continues now at 5:00 a.m. >>> because for all the scare tactics out there, what is truly scary, what is truly risky is if we do nothing. >> president obama tries to quiet angry protests against his health care reform plan by getting what he calls the real story out. >>> a new clue. police release videorom outside an annandale home business where a woman was killed last month. investigators hope it could lead them to her killer. >>> and new concerns. veterinarians downgrade the condition of a badly beaten dog found in eastern washington. good morning and welcome, everyone. we're glad you're up with us this wednesday morning. this week moving right along. i'm barbara harrison. >> good morning to you. i'm joe krebs. it's wednesday, the 12th of august, 2009, and this is what it looks like outside this morning, 77 degrees. still pretty humid, i do believe. let's check, though, with the expert. >> let's go to meteorologist tom kierein, who is sitting right here, ready to tell us all about today. >> unfortuna
us now with more. >> reporter: good morning. the big concern here is that many people lack immunity to this new strain of flu. even though it's not necessarily deadli deadlier in individual cases, more people and young people could become infected and increase the overall toll. as schools re-open, federal health officials responded to the first specific predictions of the impact of swine flu. the director of the cdc in atlanta. >> next few weeks and months will be a very challenging time. >> reporter: scientists advising the president say a plausible scenario has swine flu infecting up to half the u.s. population. doctors' offices and hospitals would be filled to capacity, and for as many as 90,000 people, more than double the normal flu season toll, the h1n1 strain could be fatal. deaths concentrated among children and young adults. e university of kansas has at least 47 confirmed cases of swine flu. >> i'm scared. i don't know what to do. >> reporter: the virus has claimed the lives of more than 500 americans so far. governors are working to track cases closely. >> we have every r
look outside. chuck will tell us if we can >>> check this out. a dog going for a world record. you might be able to get this in the running for tallest dog. this massive great dane was measured on saturday and is 3'6". his owner descred him as being a gentle giant. the dog is deaf and partially blind. titan, what a fitting name. >> those are rubber pads, and the tile floors are slippery, and you need to slop the flipping. >> my sister has a 178-pound dog, sam. great dale. >> sam walks your sister as opposed to her walking him. >> you would be surprised. he is a great walker. if you need a great dane, mid-atlantic great dane rescue, they will fix you up. >> if you want to go for a world record, you might have luck there too. >> yeah, finally, yes, indeed, a little sunshine across the ar. finally back in our skies. there is another chance for shers later this afternoon, and there will not be the summer soakers we dealt with yesterday. outside the temperatures jumped up to the low 70s. you will look live the president lincoln's memorial on the western side of the mall. beautiful morni
. thatitanh approhing front may give us strong storms in this yellow zone, 3:00 to 7 o'clock p.m. we cld d getinagamg winds and hail during thim teeshis afternoon. and then for saturday, mostly m, adycloray m ningbeshower, some afternoon thundershowers. then some lower humidity moves in for sunday, into monday. a look at next week and the latest on hurricane bill. i'll have a bill update coming up in just a couple of minutes. >> all right, tom, thanks. >> bills. i hate bills. let's go to jerry edwards now, take a look at the roadways. >> good morning. we'll show you a map here, let you know what's going on. the outer loop of the beltway approaching river road had the overnight road work, with the rams closed off. very confusing situation. so far, so good. 66, wilson bridge, northeast. back to you. >> thank you, jerry. see you in a few minutes. >>a heads-up if you plan on riding metro this weekend. there will be no red line service at ft. totten from 9:30 tonight until midnight on sunday. crews are fixing trackcircuits. metro will run shuttle buses between brookland, ft. totten and takoma.
on the way. >> meteorologist tom kierein has joined us hooer in the studio for a look at our forecast for today and the weekend. coecur ors v iiewen anne arunde wuntyakgp u to some rpnain morning.ning this that is a line ofat some rswe rs and thunder arntgomery, how montgomery, howabout an hour ag abt an hour ago or two a hours ago. ith there's still some rn a little bit of thunder acro rtnocentral maryland art frederick county, carroll county o ntand iuto washington iou nt cy th satllouti angancidv to the rohn id m t mid to low 70s. 76 now in washington, 60s in the shenandoah valley. as the day progresses, remaining cloudy and humid. t ha a passing morning shower but a greater chance of some afternoon showers and thundershowers s reaching the low 80s.hi some individual thundershowers could produce some brief, very heavy rain. this may continue into tonight and may affect the skins/pats game at fedex field. and then for saturday, looks like there's a smaller chance of asi p ngasshower. and partly cloudy the mid-80s. lower humidity moving in, improving news for sunday, monday, into in
a plan net the sky above us. i'll ask tom which one that is. we expect the a pretty nice day, i think. let's see what he has to say. tom? >> what planet is that, tom? >> not planet hollywood. that is venus gleaming brilliantly in the eastern sky this morning. we've got the last quarter of the moon now in the southern sky and jupiter's there as well. and other areas have a partly cloudy start, but it's mostly clear right over washington now. 72 in washington. temperatures in nearby suburbs upper 60s to near 70. we did have a little patchy fog in some of the rural areas this morning and we'll have a few clouds around. temperatures with the dew points is feeling rather humid. the dew points are in the mid and upper 60s. that's moderate humidity. over the last six hours we've had a few showers on the eastern shore. those have pretty much dissipated. there's one shower just now crossing the lower bay. by later on today, highs in the mid-80s, moderate humidity, partly cloudy. a slight chance of an isolated thundershower. highs in the upper 80s and partly cloudy tomorrow. just moderate humid
who joins us from storm center 4. >> good morning to you. the sun is shining, and it's a bright, blue sky over head temperatures are jumping into the 70s. and 79 degrees in beautiful annapolis, maryland. and fog is disappearing. temperatures today into the upper 80s in the high spots west of the blue ridge, but low 90s around town today. in the gulf of mexico we are watching the latest tropical depression. it could become tropical storm claudette. and our forecast is coming up in a few minutes. >> we will be here. thank you. >>> an american held in myanmar for swimming to the detained democracy leader as a freeman, and both men arrived in bangkok just a short time ago. >>> webb is the firstmember of congress in more than a decade to visit myanmar. he said he asked the rulers to relus the man who has been detained for 14 of the last 24 years. she was sentenced to p23 years n prison. >>> and there was an incident that left five people incident, and one victim just 14 years old. police were called to a new en te, nd ahis time and pern not.esead innorthwest. the fstirnctid ienpeap hned be
the umbrellas. not a >>> hurricane bill is barrelling toward the u.s. the storm slammed into bermuda as a cegory 2 hurricane. bill may not be as potentially devastating as feared a couple days ago, experts say now is a good time to prepare for future hurricanes. >> this is a good exercise. thinking through, what would you do if the storm was going to me your way, it's the time to think about it. this is the time people would be asked to take action if it was pointed at you. >> it's eected to pass through martha's vineyard where the president and the first family are headed for vacation. >>> route one at village drive is down to one lane because of flooding. we had a lot of rain overnight. >> it was nice. a round of thunderstorms first thing this morning around 3:30 this morning. a couple rumbles downtown washington. more thunderstorms in the forecast through the rest of your saturday. as you make your weekend plans, tomorrow will be the better of the outdoor days, but there's a chance for a shower tomorrow. outside, a beautiful morning under way. sunrise just about ready to occur. it's a few min
>> so, don't drink that coffee. stay with us, everyone. "news 4 today" continues now at 5:00 a.m. >>> pressure problems. a fast-moving fire destroys a well-known washingtonia's home. first on 4, what we're now learning about what may have been to blame for that. >> crime. a local firefighter allegedly uses a popular internet website for foul play. what he is accused of doing that landed him behind bars. >> tax free. the annual tradition of back to school shopping. what parents need to know about this weekend and where to find those best bargains. >>> good morning, and welcome to "news 4 today." we're glad you're with us today. i'm barbara harrison. >> and i'm keith garvin sitting in for joe krebs. it is friday, august 7th, 2009. happy friday, everyone. give you a live look outside. a beautiful shot of the washington monument, pleasant, pleasant, pleasant. >> and low humidity. you can drink that coffee. got good and bad things. >> as long as you give me permission. >> cup of joe already? you don't drink coffee, do you? >> ion d. don't. goth e caffeine back about teaen y a rs ba
without their high-profile parents. >> stay with us, everyone. "news 4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m.o >>> end of summer. from maryland toirginia to the district, thousands of kids are heading back to class. we have live team coverage, and what parents need to know as the new school year gets under way. >>> good morning and welcome to "news 4 today." i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm eun yang in for barbara harrison. today monday, august 24th, 2009. meteorologist tom kierein is in the studio with us to look at today's forecast on this lovely monday morning. pretty nice out there this morning, tom. >> in washington and points west and north. but in southern maryland, northern neck they're getting some thunder and lignihtng rig now. take a look at the radar at this hour. nd torerhum st r ndhuinerstorm warninhurcounty.ty coun. there is ay ponretttr sg tr thunderstorm now just crossing the tidal potomac heading to the coming d east, just now into southern st. mary's county with 60-mile-per-hour winds. very heavy rain, frequent lightning. maybe even some hail. we also have some rain just now nn
a big-time head start to day. clear skies outside for us. first thing this morning it will be a very pleasant day today. temperatures a little bit warmer than yesterd but not completely intolerable on the humidity scale so that is welcome news. tempato ures tget your sunday started we're 71 here at nbc 4 in northwest washington, 71 degrees in annapolis, 66 in beautiful prince george's county this morning. 65 in mt. vernon and springfield and quantico. 63 in manaas. 63 degrees in damascus, maryland. dew points low to mid-60s right now. it will be a touch humid. th ae ises a little bit of fog out there as well. jugs like yesterday morning. frederick, maryland, visibility under one half mile. that won't last long. the sunshine will burn it away. hot temperature. around 92. keith? >> sounds good. thank you. >>> it is a busy summer weekend for d.c. police officers who are dealing with multiple shootings. the first incident left seven people injured. one victim is just 14 years old. it happened at a bus stop in broad daylight. just hours later, police were called to a new scene, this time
of those tests. when that is decided, and if any problems are found or any areas that they wish for us to do additional work, they will communicate that to us. and to the public at the same time. >> rorter: metro says it will keep riders updated on the red line repair work through website.ab website. "ws4 today.", >>> this weekendetroet riders can expect some delays, not because of the ongoing investigation, but because of track work. metro is making repairs to the tunnel and replacing rail fasteners that stabilize tracks. hare one set ofs tthckrack between the friendship stations and there's going to be rail replace. work affecting travel on the green and yellow lines. metro is urging riders to add 30 minutes it their trips this weekend. >>> new developments this morning in the fight to get a health care reform bill passed. in a victory for president obama last night, the house energy and commerce committee approved sweeping legislation. the overhaul of the nation's health care system aims to extend health care insurance to millions of americans, while slowing the explosion of the cou
threatening rain outside. >> it is threatening to rain and i suspect most of us are going to need umbrellas just once before your saturdays through. outside right now, very low overcast hanging out in washington this morning. off to a very humid start as well. here's a track of doppler. here you can see the light rain showers across central virginia and the mountains of west virginia encroaching in on the city of washington. rain showers are a part of our forecast. temperatures are in the mid-70s right now. so it's definitely feeling like summertime. it's been fairly light except under one or two of those lonely showers. visibility is starting to come up. that's good news. we'll get one or two breaks of sunshine today but there's also a chance of one or two rumbles of thunder before the day is through. sunshine. we'll talk about that in the forecast coming up. kimberly? >> we look forward to that. america is preparing to say good-bye to one of its most beloved political leaders. senator edward kennedy will be laid to rest in arlington national cemetery today. we have live team cov
attained by a d tlioltwrousr.le police told us the dog wasllti s on the loose but now igstsig say they were lied to. thatd attacd manes was a lab mix and that it belonged to her son. >> metro is suspending all track work after a repairman wie a pl equipment. thtenor wker mhahel nas w was n killedt ae sday nig at the vienna station on the orange line. metro says he was acting as a spotter for a machine that spreads gravel between cross ties on the track. now metro's general manager has ordered what he's calling a safety standdown. for the next three days, there will be no more traffic maintenance, but there will be additional safety checks at work sites. >> and out of that deadly midair crash out of new york city, divers are searching for the last victim in saturday's accident involving a small plane and a tourist helicopter. divers, who have returned to the hudson river this morning. yesterday they found one man from the plane's wreckage but they couldn't pull him out. nine people were killed in the crash. photos show the plane's wing sheared off. 911 calls record the moments af
. >>> good morning. welcome, everyone. we're glad you're up with us. i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm keith garvin in for joe krebs. it is tuesday, august 4th, 2009. we'll have much more on all of our top ur atwere agonannaalonar, near rg, in geo coe' nd'she t andid upper 60s in montgomery county and fairfax po, ts west mid-60s to pos inou50 tt hemoinuns.ta eastern shore near .at l dteseww bllilotri ter still not tctrifa , ist' fa , it's comfortably d infa the mountains ofhehendndh oa valley. around washington, moderate humidity buth it's steamyro au the bay and eastern shore, southeaster earn virgini as tay day progresses, highs re nacnghiear ng. also air quality will be dinithshg inisg afternoon. code orthopedange for poor air quality. i'll show you the forecast for tomorrow coming up at 5:11. >> all right, tom, thanks. >> thanks, tom. we want to tell you how things are going on the roadways at this early hour. jerry edwards is in the news 4 traffic network. >> good morning, barbara, keith, tom, good morning. good morning, everyone. doing pretty well. a lot of overnight road work
of the season sitting on top of us. right now 74 degrees so we are starting off on the warm de. 74 also paxsriver. dew points in the 70s. really humid out there. all is quiet on doppler radar. notice up in northeastern ryla there is some wet weather, some showers and thunderstorms coming down from pennsylvania, heading toward the southeast. all that will stay to the north but it may nick our northeastern suburbs. that's where we could have a shower or thunderstorm this afternoon. otherwise, mostly sunny and hot. tomorrow even hotter. right around 99 degrees. again, the hottest air of the season heading our way. we'll talk about that coming up in just a couple of minutes. back to you, keith. >> sounds good, steve. thank you. >>> now that a deadly helicopter plane collision out of new york, nine people were killed yesterday when a small plane crashed into a sight-seeing helicopter over the hudson river. three bodies have been found so far. search crews plan to return to the scene this morning. michelle franzen has the latest. >> reporter: divers searched for the remaining victims below th
in the end. >> that was christine nelson reporting. >> stay with us, everyone. "news 4 today" continues now at 5:00 a.m. >>> south of the border. president obama travels to mexico to meet with top leaders. the immediate health concerns and urgent money matters on the agenda. >> murky mission. crews back in action searching for bod this the depths of the hudson river. what investigators are focusing on that could pinpoint the cause of the deadly midair collision. >> summer scorcher. after months of only average temperatures across the region, big changes are here now. how long meteorologist tom kierein says these dog days of summer are going to stick around. >>> good morning and welcome back to "news 4 today." i'm joe krebs. >> i'm barbara harrison. it's monday, august 10th, 2009. let's take a look outside. see how it is looking out there. you can't tell from this picture, but it's already hot. 80 degrees. tom says it's going to be sweater weather out there. you're going to be sweating. >> that's right. dangerous heat, too, for the elderly especially. heat can be quite dangerous and heat ill
to happen today and that's where michael flynn joins us this morning. >> a competition is under way out here. it's going strong. we have richmond versus ann arbor, michigan. and it's former homeless players across 166 counties. talk about the competition. why did you come up with it? >> well, we involve folks in athleti athletics. we set goals for all the players, and the goal is to move everybody off the street, and use sports to do that. >> reporter: how does playing soccer motivate them to get off the street? >> these guys are isolated, and dealt with tragedy and a lot of things in their life, and it's really empowering. and sports is a great equalizer. your relationship has been changed forever. we can develop out more tough love. we can push them to achieve more. >> and talk about the final day of a three-day competition. what will happen today? >> well, we have been training for an entire year. this is the culmination of a lot of hard work. we have four trophy matches today. and later today, the finals of the cup will be played, and that will be the national champion. and then it will
's three children. >>> good morning, everyone. welcome. we're glad you're up with us on this monday morning. >> i'm keith garvin. i'm is monday, august 'rd, 2009. got a live picture outside. city starting to wake up. beautiful look to the start of the day. >> more people awake than us? >> hard to imagine. hard to imagine. >> tom is here with us. we're glad he's back. i hope you had a good vacation. >> i did. it was wonderful. i' showi' smu fyou some photo th precipitation arod up un no precipitation around r.da n i73 radar. 73 in7070 montgo,mery montgomer george's, fairfax counties. ep etxcy forxcr for nearf the y, nba0id 7 n bay, nidy, 70s. ear 70 eastern shore n the n lw 60 of the mountains. inmog. look at the st njuearin0 just near 60st. .at m that's much better. the dew point's mid-60s around washington. that's comfortable humidity. bu t the dew points are near 70 eastern shore a arndound the y. 's still steamy there. as the day progrees, thwlow humidity in place, lots of sunshine, a great summer day, nrghs near 90 grees. ise details on tomorrow, that will be in ten m
republicans on board. tracie potts joins us live from capitol hill. she has the latest on this battle. good morning, tracy. >> good morning, everyone. getting this done and getting it done this year looks tough. hope for getting it done with republicans and democrats on board, a bipartisan effort don't look good at this point because both sides are firmly planted in their corners and as you said, the senate's best negotiator is no longer around to pull them out. the loss of accept tour ted kennedy in the middle of trying to craft a deal on health care means democrats need a new leader and they're looking to the white house for help. >> well, i think the president's got to decide in a sense that he has to step up and train this again for us. >> reporter: analysts say with congress deeply divided -- >> we're looking at a congress that's never been more polarized. >> reporter: president obama must set a clear course. >> sooner or later the president has to weigh in and he has to carry the ball. >> he has failed to articulate a strong message about what he wants in a final bill. >> reporter: wh
coming up. u >>> so we escape flash flooding but the rain is not done with us yet. >> the good news is it is not going to rain really really hard. that's a step in the right direction. step number two, it's already saturday. right there, people's weekends have already started, that's another step in the right direction. the fact it will be cloudy, that shouldn't be a knock on what should otherwise be a day filled with optimism. wouldn't you agree with everybody? welcome to your weekend, a cloudy sky awaits you outside but it's not going to be a washout of a satee ndu just nee backuplans rdy t to go. outside right now, under a cloudy sky, visibility is limited. the washington monument is 555 feet tall. we can almost not see the top of the monument out there first thing this morning thaves to the low clouds in the area. 73 in washington. a dew point of 70 degrees and you know what that means. any time the dew point is 70 or higher it feels like florida. it's been a warm and dry august. august still more than 2.6 degrees above average for this time of the year. out we go, temperatures
journey took him to the u.s. capital where he was saluted that served with him and next to him. >> he knew the value of good staff, and that's why he was so successful. >>>he day began in boston, where a family considered american royalty poured alongside the nation's political elite, and among them four american presidents. >> the expectations were placed upon ted kennedy's shoulders because of who he was, and he surpassed them all because of who he became. >> reporter: there were also moments of laughter as well as tears. >> he even taught me some of life's harder lessons, such as how to like republicans. >> reporter: from massachusetts to washington wh brothers john and robert a at his side, honored by a new generation of kennedys, and we some day may hear their family's call to service. >> the public will get a chance to visit kennedy's grave site today. and we have more on that. >> reporter: good morning, keith. looking over my shoulder here, you see the iconic view. and below the mansion is the grave site of senator ted kennedy. a solemn ceremony here yaed. the motorcade made its way
'm a conservative republican but i'm here to pay respects. >> reporter: his last journey took him to the u.s. capitol where he was saluted by those who served with and for him. >> he knew that he was only great because he had great people supporting him, and he knew the value of good staff and that's why he was so successful. >> reporter: the day began in boston where family considered american royalty mourned alongside the nation's political elite. among them, four american presiden. >> the greatest expectations were placed upon ted kennedy's shoulders because of who he was, but he surpassed them all because of who he became. >> and we slowly made it to the top. >> reporter: son teddy jr. stirred the crowd to tears. but there were also moments of laughter. >> he even taught me some of life's harder lessons, such as how to like republicans. >> reporter: the day followed the path of ted kennedy's life, from massachusetts to washington, with brothers john and robert at his side. honored by a new generation of kennedys who some day may hear their family's call to service. from beginning to end,
of low pressure sliding through the region. that's what's been giving us this overnight rain. we may have some morning showers and perhaps a passing afternoon thundershower south and east of washington. highs reaching near 80. a little sun coming up this afternoon, then clearing out tonight. low humidity. by dawn tomorrow, only near 60 degrees. a delightful break from high humidity tomorrow, low humidity with highs reaching the mid-80s. but then it returns for the weekend, heat and humid it build saturday and ndwh.ay looks like that will linger into the first part of next week as well. that's the way it looks on this thursday morning. i'll be back in ten minutes with another update. >> thank you, tom. >> let's get an update on the roadways. jerry edwards is in the traffic neork. good morning. >> hi, jerry. >> never fails. i just washed the dog yesterday and now it rains today. used to be the car. now it's the dog. good morning. let's see how we are doing. so far, so good. no major hangups along interstate 66, haymarket to the capital beltway, but again with the light rain, roads may be a
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